in3 overview

in3 is a Dutch online payment method where customers pay in 3 installments after receiving their order, at no extra cost and without having to register with the Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR).

in3 processes all the installments and guarantees settlement after receiving the first one.

Countries The Netherlands – in3 checks the customer’s country, and billing/shipping address to confirm.
Currencies EUR
Chargebacks No – See Chargebacks.
Refunds Full, partial, and API refunds, discounts
You can request in3 to process a full or partial refund, either before payout or up to 1 year afterwards.
Payment features Second Chance
Transactions expire after 2 hours

Amount limits

The default minimum order amount is 100 EUR and the default maximum amount is 3000 EUR. You can adjust these limits in the backend of our ready-made integrations to show or hide in3 on your checkout page depending on the order value.

Customer addresses

Customers can provide different billing and shipping addresses.


Due to changes to the Wet op het consumentenkrediet, merchants who apply surcharges to pay later methods are now deemed credit providers under article 7:57 of the Burgerlijk Wetboek. This requires a permit from the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). We therefore strongly recommend discontinuing any surcharges.

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Other languages

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