What is iDEAL QR?

iDEAL QR is a Dutch payment method allowing customers to pay directly with their smartphone from both screen and print. With iDEAL QR you can take offline payments to the online world. Most Dutch banks have their own QR codes on their payment screens, but this is not the same as iDEAL QR.

How does iDEAL QR work?

MultiSafepay supports seamless integration for iDEAL QR. You must be either able to retrieve and process the PNG image for the QR code on your side in order to show this to the customer or just redirect the customer to our Payment page as with other payment methods.

With iDEAL QR you can also make a generic link that can be used multiple times. The QR code can be printed on leaflets. You can also let the customer change the amount.

Bear in mind, only 4 customer banks support iDEAL QR within their own banking app (Rabobank, Knab, ING and ABN AMRO). All other customers must use the dedicated iDEAL app.

iDEAL QR transaction flow

Order Status Financial Status Description
Initialized Initialized A payment link has been generated, but no payment has been received yet.
Completed Completed A successful iDEAL QR transaction has been received and the funds will be added to your MultiSafepay Control balance.
Expired Expired An unfinished transaction will automatically expire after a predefined period.
Void Canceled Transaction has been canceled.

iDEAL QR transaction, refund status flow

Order Status Financial Status Description
Initialized Initialized A refund has been requested.
Completed Completed Refund has been successfully processed.

Full API reference on the payment method iDEAL QR

Product rules

  • iDEAL QR is processed in the currency Euros (EUR)

How to activate iDEAL QR

Important: iDEAL QR must be requested manually in order to enable it in your MultiSafepay Control.

Submit your request to activate the payment method iDEAL QR through our Integration Team at [email protected]

Please, include your Merchant ID along with your request to enable the payment method iDEAL QR.

How do I refund iDEAL QR transactions

You can refund either in MultiSafepay Control or through out API

Please follow the following steps to refund a iDEAL QR transaction.

  1. Login at your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select transaction -> transaction overview
  3. Find the transaction through search
  4. Open transaction
  5. Select refund
  6. Fill in the amount that you want to refund to the customer
  7. Confirm the refund.

MultiSafepay does not allow you to refund more than the stated amount of the original transaction

The transaction status is now initialized, as long as the transaction status is marked as initialized, the refund can be canceled. When the transaction status is marked as completed, the refund is processed correctly. The customer will receive the refund to the bank account number in which the transaction was originally paid to, within the next business day.

Note: refunds will not be processed when your MultiSafepay balance is insufficient.

When you are not able to refund an iDEAL QR transaction, contact our support at [email protected] to assist you further.