How to activate gift cards as a payment method

MultiSafepay supports a wide range of gift cards. With gift cards merchants can either accept gift card payments of existing gift cards or even support their own personalized gift card.

MultiSafepay offers 3 gift card connections:

  • Intersolve
  • FashionCheque
  • 123TCS.

The majority of the gift cards are issued by Intersolve

Where to start?

  1. Select a gift card
  2. Check for compatibility with your ecommerce platform and MultiSafepay
  3. Start the application procedure with the issuer of the gift card
  4. Provide the issuer of the gift card with your company details and your MultiSafepay merchant ID
  5. As soon as the issuer of the gift card has processed their part of the activation, MultiSafepay will receive the connect settings to enable the gift card
  6. Finalize the implementation of the gift card by activating the gift card on the ecommerce platform.

Multiple gift cards

Multiple gift cards are supported by MultiSafepay. The customer can pay an order with multiple gift cards of the same gift card or multiple different gift cards.

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