Gift cards

Gift cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount of credit that customers can use to make online or POS payments.

User guide

About open and closed-loop gift cards

MultiSafepay supports two types of gift card: open-loop and closed-loop.


  • Open-loop gift cards can be redeemed at a wide range of merchants, e.g. clothing stores, resturants, and grocery stores.
  • The maximum credit value is 150 EUR.
  • The maximum amount per transaction is 50 EUR. Any outstanding amount must be paid using another payment method.


  • Closed-loop gift cards can only be redeemed at one specific merchant.
  • The transaction value is unlimited.
Creating custom gift cards

MultiSafepay can develop a custom gift card for you.

1. Email a request to [email protected]

2. MultiSafepay performs checks and requests information:

  • We check the product rules for the relevant payment method.

  • We assess the feasibility of and timeframe for developing the custom gift card.

  • We request from you:

    • Whether you want a closed-loop or open-loop card
    • The name you want to call your gift card
    • A high-resolution visual mockup of the gift card, preferably in .png or .jpg format, showing the logo as large as possible
    • A test gift card with credit and a secure code
    • A startup fee of 200 EUR

3. MultiSafepay activates the custom card for your MultiSafepay account.

4. To integrate your card:

For support, email [email protected]

Gift cards and pay later methods

Pay later methods don’t allow customers to enter gift card details after placing their order (full or partial payment). This is because, as the collecting party, they require very precise order specifications.

Our platform would interpret the gift card as a discount (not included in the shopping cart specification) and wouldn’t generate the correct order information, e.g. for tax purposes.

Customers can enter gift card details before placing their order, i.e. on your checkout page. You are solely responsible for enabling this. Failure to do so can produce unexpected errors and complications.

Handling gift card errors

VVV gift cards can sometimes throw an error where the credit balance appears to be 0, but is then restored within 24 hours (potentially affected by weekends and holidays). This appears to be due to temporary failures in the card issuer’s system.

If a customer completes a payment and receives this error message, advise them to wait for 1 hour for a confirmation email before trying again to avoid placing two orders.


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