Fastcheckout, What it is

Fastcheckout is a multi-currency wallet designed by MultiSafepay that allows the customer to pay for online purchases in a fast and secure way. In order to be able to use this service, the customer needs to first go through a one-time account creation process. Given that the customer’s credentials will be stored in the Fastcheckout account, payments can be finalized within 3 easy steps.

Fastcheckout vs Connect

MultiSafepay offers several packages for Merchants, including a free of charge Fastcheckout account. However, not all payment methods MultiSafepay offers are available in a Fastcheckout account.

Fastcheckout is included in one of our Connect packages, where all MultiSafepay available payment methods can be enabled.

The available payment methods can be (individually) selected by the merchants in MultiSafepay Control.

Fastcheckout has its own checkout process. The customer will leave the webshop’s domain from the shopping cart, and will return once the payment is finalized.

Fastcheckout Guaranteed

With Fastcheckout Guaranteed, customers profit from additional security and protection. In case of delivery failure after payment, Fastcheckout offers an insurance up to €200 per order.