Credit Cards, How does it work?

In order to pay with MasterCard or Visa the consumer needs to fill in their card number, CVC-code and expiry date to release a payment. When the 3D Secure is enabled on the credit card, the consumer needs to provide an authentic code on the next page to finalize the payment. The 3D secure insures that the consumer is the rightfull account holder

Credit card transaction received by MultiSafepay, will be processed through our fraud filter.

The following status are important when receiving a credit card payment.

Transaction & order status Description
Completed Transaction is accepted and added to your MultiSafepay account.
Uncleared The payment is offered to you. You decide whether you want to accept or decline a uncleared.
Declined The transaction is declined by the account holders issuing bank or by MultiSafepay.
Click here for further information about the declined status.

Note: Credit card payments are not fully guaranteed. Consumers can withdraw the transaction, due to their consumer right protection of VISA and Mastercard. The accountability​ of accepting credit card payments lies entirely with the merchant.