Credit card status 'declined'. What does this mean?


If a credit card payment of a customer receives the status declined, it may be for several reasons. Only the customer can contact their credit card issuer to inquire as to why the credit card payment has been declined.

For questions about credit card payments and/or a payment status (of a credit card transaction), please contact us at [email protected]

In most cases the declined reason is shown behind the declined status within the transaction in your MultiSafepay Control.

Transaction status Reason Description
Declined transaction not allowed The fraud filter of MultiSafepay is declining the transaction. Contact our support department at [email protected] for further information.
Declined Do not honour This information is not shared with MultiSafepay, only the card holder can retrieve the information at the issuing bank.
Declined 3d authorisation cancelled When the 3D secure verification is incomplete or can not be validated, the payment will be declined.
Declined Expired card The credit card is expired.
Declined Not sufficient funds The customer has insufficient credit on the credit card to complete the payment.
Declined Merchant only accepts 3DS verified cards “Declined, not verified”. Submit your request at our Risk Team at [email protected] when wanting to accept unverified 3D cards.