Carte Bleue, What is it?

Carte Bleue is regarded as the French credit card and is part of Visa.
Every credit card with the ‘Verified by Visa’ logo can be safely used for online payments.

How to activate Carte Bleue?

The payment method Carte Bleue is shown as a payment option on the payment page of MultiSafepay depending on:

  1. The Visa gateway needs to be enabled
  2. The locale needs to be fr_FR (France) in the transaction call received by MultiSafepay.

The locale is leading in this to show the desired payment method Carte Bleue on the payment page of MultiSafepay.

When you want to add Carte Bleue as payment method on the checkout page, you can upload any Carte Bleue logo into your ecommerce platform and add it as a payment option. MultiSafepay has a range of payment logos available. Download logo

How does it work?

Payments processed by the Carte Bleue payment method are processed through the Visa gateway.

How to refund a Carte Bleue transaction?

Transactions received with Carte Bleue (Visa) as payment method can be refunded to the customer within 180 days.

Please follow the following steps to refund a Carte Bleue transaction.

  1. Login at your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select transaction -> transaction
  3. Find the transaction through search
  4. Open transaction
  5. Select refund
  6. Fill in the amount that you want to refund to the customer

MultiSafepay does not allow you to refund more than the stated amount of the original transaction

  1. Confirm.

Note: credit card payments that are refunded by the merchant to the customer, will be sent to the card issuing bank and its partners within 1 business day by MultiSafepay. Whether or not the refund will be visible to the customer depends on the reports, statements and online tools which are made available by the issuing bank.