Betaalplan, How does it work?

The consumer.

Betaalplan is an online payment method that allows the consumer to pay a transaction after receiving the purchase. The consumer only pays for the articles retained. When the process for returns are taking too long to verify, the collection period can be paused by placing it on hold. This can only be done via Betaalplan.

If the consumers transaction is not accepted by Betaalplan, the consumer must contact Betaalplan himself due to privacy compliance rules.

When a Betaalplan transaction is uncleared, Betaalplan will authorize or decline the transaction.

When a transaction has been accepted, the risk of the merchant is secured as Betaalplan has taken it fully and they will contact the consumer to pay the order. The consumer can select a pay-off period which fits best to fulfill the monthly payment to Betaalplan.

Shipped status.

When receiving a transaction with Betaalplan as payment method, it is important to take the following steps.

If you agree with the received transaction (by actually sending the goods), you can change the order status from completed to shipped. More importantly, this allows Betaalplan to start billing the consumer. Betaalplan will guarantee the payout of the transaction.

If you do not change the order status to shipped, the order will eventually be canceled.

The shipped status is therefore important for invoicing the consumer and the payout of the transaction on your MultiSafepay balance.

Payout Betaalplan transaction.

The payout of a Betaalplan transaction will be added onto your MultiSafepay account once received from Betaalplan. MultiSafepay will processes the payout from a Betaalplan transaction within 5 working days.