Betaal per Maand payment flow

This diagram shows the flow for a successful transaction. Click to magnify.


Payment statuses

About order and transaction statuses

Order status: Changes as the customer’s order with you progresses towards shipment (independent of payment)

Transaction status: Changes as the funds progress towards settlement in your MultiSafepay balance

For more information, see About MultiSafepay statuses.

Payments Order status Transaction status
The customer has been redirected to Santander.
To cancel, email [email protected]
Initialized Initialized
The customer has completed the pre-form and Santander is authorizing the transaction. Uncleared Initialized
Santander has authorized the transaction and the funds are awaiting capture.
You can no longer cancel. You can only refund.
Completed Uncleared
- Manually change the order status to Shipped.
- Send us the track-and-trace code.
You must ship to receive payment.
Shipped Uncleared
MultiSafepay has collected payment. Shipped Completed
Santander declined the transaction.
They only provide the reason directly to the customer, for privacy and compliance reasons.
Declined Declined
You cancelled the transaction before capture. Void Void
The customer didn’t complete payment or the funds weren’t captured within 1 day. Expired Expired
Refund initiated. Reserved Reserved
Refund complete. Completed Completed


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