Activating Betaal per Maand

If using a ready-made integration:

  • First check that the payment method is supported.
  • Once activated for your account, you must also enable the payment method in your backend.

You must:

  • Have a MultiSafepay account
  • Be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (no exceptions)
  • Have an annual turnover of more than 500,000 EUR (unless agreed otherwise with Betaal per Maand)
  • Sell products or services to European citizens with a residential or delivery address in Netherlands (no exceptions)
  • Connect to MultiSafepay via our API or ecommerce integrations
  1. Email a request to [email protected]

  2. We check your eligibility and connection with MultiSafepay.

  3. Let us know if you already have a Santander account. If you don’t, we’ll submit an application for you.


Propose a change on GitHubexternal-link-icon or
send an email to [email protected]

Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.