Bank Transfer payment flow

This diagram shows the flow for a successful transaction. Click to magnify.


1. Email payment details

MultiSafepay emails the customer the following payment details to include when transfering the funds, or your can email them yourself.

You can view the payment details for a transaction in your MultiSafepay dashboard, in the relevant Transaction details page under Offline actions.

Emailing payment instructions yourself

You may prefer to email the customer the payment details yourself, e.g. for consistent, branded communications. Make sure you include clear instructions about what details the customer needs to provide and the required format (see 2. below).

To prevent us from emailing the customer, see API reference – Create order > Banking order. Set the disable_send_email parameter to true.

2. Customer transfers funds

The customer must only pay for one order per bank transfer. When transferring the funds, they must correctly input:

  • The amount
  • Their bank account number
  • The payment reference number (not the order number)
    Format: 16 digits, numbers only, no words

3. MultiSafepay matches the payment

When we receive payment from the customer (1–3 business days later), we automatically match it to the corresponding transaction in our system based on the payment details provided. If auto-matching fails, we try to match the payment manually.

If we cannot match the payment:

  • For smaller amounts, we refund the customer.
  • For larger amounts, we contact you for information to help identify the correct transaction.

This costs all parties time and effort, and creates a negative customer experience.

See Resolving unmatched payments.

Payment statuses

About order and transaction statuses

Order status: Changes as the customer’s order with you progresses towards shipment (independent of payment)

Transaction status: Changes as the funds progress towards settlement in your MultiSafepay balance

For more information, see About MultiSafepay statuses.

Payments Order status Transaction status
Awaiting the customer to transfer the funds. Initialized Initialized
MultiSafepay has collected payment. Completed Completed
You cancelled the transaction. Void Void/Cancelled
The customer didn’t complete payment within 60 days. Expired Expired
Refund initiated. Reserved Reserved
Refund complete. Completed Completed


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