Bank transfer, How does it work?

When the consumer selects Bank transfer as payment method, the bank account details of MultiSafepay will be sent by email. Depending on the settings, the email with the necessary bank account details will be sent by MultiSafepay or by your e-commerce platform. The email will be sent to the email address provided by the consumer when placing the order.

When the transaction with bank transfer as payment method is confirmed by the consumer, the transaction will be visible in your transaction overview with the status initialized. The consumer needs to transfer the payment from his or her bank to the bank account of MultiSafepay. This can be done through an online banking account or possibly manually via a bank teller.

It can take from 1 to 3 business days for the funds to appear in the receiving account.

After we receive the payment on one of our bank accounts with the proper amount and reference, we can match the payment with the transaction and a completed notification will be sent to the MultiSafepay Control and e-commerce platform.

Note: when MultiSafepay receives a payment of a bank transfer that has incorrect data and/or amount, the payment will not be linked to the outstanding transaction but will be reimbursed to the consumer.

Product rules.

A Bank transfer will be valid for 60 days. The 60-day validation of the payment method Bank transfer will not be adjusted by MultiSafepay. If you still want to make changes in the validation of the payment method bank transfer, for example, in terms of stock management, you could check whether this is possible in your e-commerce platform.