Alipay, How does it work?

Alipay is wallet based payment method. A customer connects there credit card or bank account details to an Alipay account to create a wallet system. They can easily process payments from within their Alipay account.

When the customer selects Alipay as payment method, the customer has the possibility to pay through a QR code using the Alipay app or by filling in their Alipay account details.

If the transaction is approved by Alipay, the transaction status will change to Completed and MultiSafepay will add the funds to the merchants MultiSafepay account

When a successful payment is released, the transaction status will be marked as completed.

Product rules

  • The payment method Alipay processes the currency Euros (EUR).

  • Alipay is a Chinese payment method. The currency conversion is processed in Euros (EUR) only.