Test your integration

Testing process

Before you start processing real transactions with MultiSafepay, we recommend testing each payment method in your MultiSafepay test account.

If you encounter any issues during testing, see Understanding and resolving errors.

Methods not available in test environment

You can’t test the following methods in your MultiSafepay test account. You can only make test payments in …

Test payment details

This page provides test payment details for different scenarios.

Banking methods


Test a Bancontact order

  1. Create an order > Banking order (Example: Bancontact redirect).
  2. Open the payment link.
  3. In the Card number field, enter a card number (see table below).
  4. In the Expiry date fields, enter any future date.
  5. Click Confirm.
Card number Scenario Description …

Testing refunds

You can process full refunds in your MultiSafepay test dashboard.

Partial refunds are not enabled by default. To enable this, email [email protected]

If you refund a payment in your MultiSafepay test dashboard, the transaction status remains Reserved or Initialized until the refund is manually approved, since there is no settlement with a bank.

Test refunding an order

Supported …


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Other languages

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