Handle notifications

When there is an update to your order, we notify your web server at the following URL through a POST request:

This URL is your webhook endpoint combined with two additional parameters:

  • transactionid: Your unique identifier for the order, previously set as order_id in your API request.
  • timestamp: The time the notification was triggered.

The updated order details make up the payload of the request.

Check the status

Check the order status in the status field. If necessary, update your backend.

Note: You can ignore notifications that:

  • Don’t have the timestamp parameter in the URL
  • Have the same order status

Validate the request

Every POST notification request includes an HMAC signature that you must use to validate its authenticity. To validate the request, you can either:

Acknowledge the notification

Acknowledge that you have successfully received a valid notification by returning:

  • HTTP status code 200 with OK at the start or end of the message body, or
  • HTTP status code 200 with MULTISAFEPAY_OK anywhere in the message body.

Until we receive your acknowledgement, we resend the notification 4 times at 15 minute intervals, each with a new timestamp.

Troubleshooting notifications

If for some reason you don’t receive a notification:

  1. In your MultiSafepay test account, go to Transactions > Transaction overview > Transaction details. Scroll to the bottom to find Offline actions.
  2. Click and check that the URL displayed is the correct webhook endpoint.
  3. If the webhook endpoint is correct, click to resend the notification.

If you still don’t receive a notification, you may need to authorize MultiSafepay servers' IP addresses on your web server. For a list of MultiSafepay IP addresses, email [email protected]

You have successfully configured your web server to handle notifications received from our webhook.

Next steps


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Other languages

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