MultiSafepay plugin for X-Cart

Easily integrate MultiSafepay payment solutions into your X-Cart webshop with the free plugin.



This manual helps merchants to process MultiSafepay payments as quickly as possible from a X-Cart webshop. For some steps in this manual, assistance from your technical partner may be required.

We recommend you to install the plugin first on a test environment, and make sure you have made a backup.

We advise you to install the plugin through the recommended ways of the specific webshop system.

If you need any technical help, please contact us.

To use the plugin you need a MultiSafepay account. You can create a test account on
If you would like to set up a live account, please contact the MultiSafepay sales department:

1. Requirements

  • X-Cart 5.x
  • Tested on PHP 7.0

2. Installation

  1. Unzip the content of the .ZIP file in the root of your webshop
  2. Login in your backend and navigate to System tools -> Cache management -> Re-deploy the store and press Start.

3. Configuration

  1. Login into your backend and navigate to My Addons and search for MultiSafepay
  2. Locate and enable MultiSafepay Connect. This is required to enter your API key later on
  3. Select any other payment methods you would like to offer and click on Save changes once you’ve finished
  4. Navigate to Store setup and select Payment methods
  5. Locate and activate your previous selected payment method(s)
  6. Select the Configure button for MultiSafepay Connect
  7. For Account type, you have two options. Live and Test. Make sure you fill in the correct API key according to which account type you would like to use. After you’ve filled in your API key, click Save changes.

Information on where to find your Account ID, Site ID, Site code or API key can be found on our API key page.

4. Congratulations

You have installed and configured the plugin successfully. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, feel free to contact our Integration Team at [email protected]

Release Notes

See our changelog in GitHub for the plugin



Available payment methods in X-Cart

Credit cards


Billing suite


Prepaid cards

  • Paysafecard
  • Beauty and Welness gift card
  • Boekenbon
  • Fashion Cheque
  • Fashion gift card
  • Fietsenbon
  • Gezondheidsbon
  • Nationale tuinbon
  • Parfumcadeaukaart
  • Podium
  • Sport en Fit
  • VVV gift card
  • Webshop gift card
  • Wellness gift card
  • Wijncadeau
  • Winkelcheque
  • Yourgift
Can I refund orders?

Yes, you can directly from your backend.
You can also refund from your MultiSafepay Control

How can I update the plugin for X-Cart?

Generally, there are three ways to update a plugin. This can be done through the backend and through the marketplace from a CMS or through SFTP. However, we will be describing the necessary steps via the backend of X-Cart.

Before you update the plugin, we strongly recommend you the following:

  • Make sure you have a backup of your production environment
  • Test the plugin in a staging environment.

Go to our Manual page, download the plugin and follow the instructions from step 1.