Release Notes PrestaShop plugin


Release date: October 19th, 2020


  • PLGPRSS17-124: Add Good4fun Giftcard
  • DAVAMS-233: Add in3 payment method
  • PLGPRSS17-15: Add Spanish translations
  • PLGPRSS17-108: Add VVV Cadeaukaart as a giftcard
  • DAVAMS-213: Add track & trace to shipment request


  • PLGPRSS17-125: Gateways don’t show for combination of conflicting shipping methods
  • PLGPRSS17-110: Align payment method names and logo with radio buttons
  • PLGPRSS17-46: Prevent bypassing Terms & Conditions during checkout by using enter
  • PLGPRSS17-74: Encryption function was called statically instead of non-static
  • PLGPRSS17-103: Fix warning not activated payment methods on php version < 7.0
  • PLGPRSS17-41: Fix rounding issue in the shopping cart
  • PLGPRSS17-119: Prevent order is created twice
  • PLGPRSS17-112: Validate IP addresses to prevent error 1000
  • PLGPRSS17-106: Fix gateway code for Webshop Giftcard
  • PLGPRSS17-107: Fix gateway code for Fashion Giftcard
  • PLGPRSS17-115: Fix Apple Pay issue with One Page Checkout PS
  • PLGPRSS17-104: Fix VAT issue when no tax is defined
  • PLGPRSS17-111: Fix JS error on Apple Pay with non-existing form element


  • DAVAMS-315: Rebrand Klarna
  • DAVAMS-297: Rebrand Direct Bank Transfer to Request to Pay
  • PLGPRSS17-12: Bank transfer email send with MultiSafepay email systems
  • DAVAMS-285: Update name and logo for Santander
  • PLGPRSS17-120: Update Italian translations
  • PLGPRSS17-8: Remove default tax from shopping cart
  • PLGPRSS17-14: Change AfterPay from redirect to direct
  • PLGPRSS17-9: Improve address parser


  • PLGPRSS17-93: Remove automatic API key validation
  • PLGPRSS17-88: Remove unsupported giftcards from plugin
  • PLGPRSS17-118: Remove VVV Bon


Release date: April 17th, 2020


  • PLGPRSS17-105: Gift cards not visible in checkout


Release date: March 27th, 2020


  • PLGPRSS17-97: Add Apple Pay
  • PLGPRSS17-96: Add Direct Bank Transfer (Request to Pay)


  • PLGPRSS17-94: Fix ClassNotFoundException when cURL returns an error


Release date: February 26th, 2020


  • PLGPRSS17-83: Fix transaction status was not updated when set to shipped


Release date: December 12th, 2019


  • PLGPRSS17-17: Add refund support within PrestaShop
  • PLGPRSS17-45: Add Bank transfer details to PrestaShop invoices
  • PLGPRSS17-49: Add PSR-4 namespaces


  • PLGPRSS17-21: Set order to status shipped for all payment methods


  • PLGPRSS17-64: Fix groups restrictions for payment methods and gift cards
  • PLGPRSS17-44: Fix issue where a free gift was not recognized as free
  • PLGPRSS17-30: Fix notifications returning HTTP 302


Release date: July 3rd, 2019


  • PLGPRSS-244: Add support for tokenization


  • PLGPRSS17-35: Display proper gateway name as used payment method, instead of gateway code


Release date: May 15th, 2019


  • PLGPRSS-372: Prevent creation of duplicate orders


Release date: April 25th, 2019


  • PLGPRSS-274: Add iDEAL QR payment method
  • PLGPRSS-311: Add transaction ID to payment details when viewing order in backend


  • PLGPRSS-225: Change way path to plugin js/css files is determined to prevent sporadic loading issue
  • PLGPRSS-351: Change merchant_item_id to support product variants
  • PLGPRSS-261: Improve parsing of address into street and apartment
  • PLGPRSS-335: Correct spelling ING Home’Pay


  • PLGPRSS-353: Fix no payment methods visible after updating carriers
  • PLGPRSS-356: Fix refund issue for products with a variation
  • PLGPRSS-348: Fix when installing through commandline, config is not initialized
  • PLGPRSS-347: Fix warning during sorting of gateways and gift cards
  • PLGPRSS-345: Prevent order status be changed on not MultiSafepay orders


  • PLGPRSS-283: Remove Klarna invoice link


Release date: May 25th, 2018


  • PLGPRSS-312: Add support for Santander Betaal per Maand payment method
  • PLGPRSS-313: Add support for AfterPay payment method
  • PLGPRSS-314: Add support for Trustly payment method


Release date: May 8th, 2018


  • PLGPRSS-222 Add Dutch translations
  • PLGPRSS-240 Support direct transactions for iDEAL, Pay After Delivery, E-Invoice, bank transfer, ING Home’Pay, KBC and PayPal
  • PLGPRSS-246 Add check to see if test/live option corresponds with the used API key
  • PLGPRSS-253 Add warning when enable gateway and not available in MultiSafepay Control
  • PLGPRSS-276 Multiple transactions created after multiple clicks on the order-confirmation button
  • PLGPRSS-277 Update Klarna payment method logo
  • PLGPRSS-278 Remove MultiSafepay.js from the front-end
  • PLGPRSS-280 Add Italian translation
  • PLGPRSS-286 Remove debugging statement
  • PLGPRSS-310 Add message to order in case amount paid is not equal to order amount


  • PLGPRSS-248 When in debug mode a long list of warnings is displayed when entering the configuration.
  • PLGPRSS-254 Gateway not visible when min_amount is filled and Max_amount not.
  • PLGPRSS-255 Changes in the configuration are not showed
  • PLGPRSS-257 Parsing address failed when the house-number is on the second address row.
  • PLGPRSS-258 Order-confirmation page not always shown, due order not existing yet
  • PLGPRSS-268 Change gateway-code ING to INGHOME
  • PLGPRSS-269 Updates within payment method configuration are not updated on save
  • PLGPRSS-281 gateway_info undefined when using direct transactions
  • PLGPRSS-285 No gateways available for virtual products
  • PLGPRSS-287 Fix spelling mistake gezondheidsbon
  • PLGPRSS-288 Update uninstall function to unregister missing hooks
  • PLGPRSS-293 Wrong spelling of some gateway names
  • PLGPRSS-294 Pay After Delivery uncleared stays on ‘Payment accepted’ after declining from MultiSafepay side.
  • PLGPRSS-301 Pay After Delivery E-invoice form layout error with non-English languages
  • PLGPRSS-303 Order creation failed when order amount differs from paid amount


  • PLGPRSS-245 Combine Live- Test- API key to just one API-Key
  • PLGPRSS-249 Remove min/max amount for gift cards in the configuration
  • PLGPRSS-250 Remove IP-restriction in the configuration of PAD/KLARNA/E-INVOICE
  • PLGPRSS-275 Make form fields required for iDEAL, Pay After Delivery, E-Invoice
  • PLGPRSS-297 Change the message of the redirect to the order-history page


Release date: January 9th, 2018


  • Initial release for PrestaShop 1.7


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