Payment fee / Surcharges

Adding a payment fee is not automatically configured within our plugin of Prestashop.

However, an external package of BVK is available. This allows you to still add a payment fee within the desired payment method.

Do mind that because an external module has to be installed, our technical support is limited.

Of course we do our best to support and assist as best as possible, but we investigate or reproduce on the core of a plugin. therefore, we do not guarantee perfect compatibility when installing an external package.

Please keep in mind that the Payment Services Directive 2, also called PSD2, is now in place and may have implications on your webshop. PSD2 was first released in 2015 by the European Commission. This directive compelled the Member State to effectively intervene and regulate the payment service industry. See how applying payment fees or surcharges for your customers may affect your webshop on our PSD2 documentation page