MultiSafepay Drupal 7 installation & configuration manual


This manual helps merchants to process MultiSafepay payments as quickly as possible from a Drupal 7 webshop. For some steps in this manual, assistance from your technical partner may be required.

We recommend you to install the plugin first on a test environment, and make sure you have made a backup.

We advise you to install the plugin through the recommended ways of the specific webshop system.

If you need any technical help, please contact us.

To use the plugin you need a MultiSafepay account. You can create a test account on
If you would like to set up a live account, please contact the MultiSafepay sales department:

1. Requirements

  • Drupal 7.x
  • Tested on PHP 7.0

2. Installation

  1. Unpack the content of the .ZIP file in the root of your webshop.

3. Configuration

  1. Login into your backend and navigate to Site Settings -> Modules. Enable the Commerce MultiSafepay JSON module, along with the payment method modules of your choice. Then click Save configuration to save the changes you have made

  2. In the backend of your webshop, navigate to Store Settings -> Advanced Store Settings -> Payment methods. Enable first the MultiSafepay core module (“multisafepay”) and then Enable the modules for each payment method. Click the button Edit under Actions to configure the payment method

  3. When the main module is installed, two rules are created by default, but left disabled:

    • MultiSafepay Order paid in full: Order state to processing
      This rule will set the order to processing once the order has been paid in full

    • MultiSafepay Order Complete: Shipped at MultiSafepay
      This rule will update the transaction order status to shipped at MultiSafepay, causing the invoicing process to continue for Pay After Delivery, Klarna and E-invoicing.

4. Congratulations

You have installed and configured the plugin successfully. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, feel free to contact our Integration Team at [email protected]