Release Notes Drupal 7 plugin


Release date: Apr 1st, 2020


  • PLGDRPC-266: Add Apple Pay
  • PLGDRPC-264: Add Direct Bank Transfer (Request to Pay)


  • PLGDRPC-256: Changed Bank transfer from redirect to direct


Release date: Sep 1th, 2017


  • PLGDRPC-55 - Add feature to ship order when order is complete
  • PLGDRPC-54 - Import default rule for setting order to processing when paid
  • PLGDRPC-51 - Process shipped order status update for all payment methods
  • PLGDRPC-46 - Change forwarded_ip to use X-Forwarded-For instead of remote_addr
  • PLGDRPC-50 - Improve shipping call
  • PLGDRPC-45 - Added support for AliPay, Dotpay, E-invoicing, EPS, TrustPay
  • PLGDRPC-44 - Gateway parfumcadeaukaart is wrong
  • PLGDRPC-43 - Add debug logger
  • PLGDRPC-41 - update Bancontact default name
  • PLGDRPC-38 - Change BTWO to BTW0, could cause tax issues
  • PLGDRPC-36 - Refactor commerce_multisafepay_json_payment_redirect/callback
  • PLGDRPC-37 - Add disclaimer file to root and disclaimer headers to files
  • PLGDRPC-35 - Remove unused .install files
  • PLGDRPC-34 - Add readme
  • PLGDRPC-33 - Make api account customizable by rules
  • PLGDRPC-32 - Add hooking ability to transaction request
  • PLGDRPC-31 - Added support for KBC, ING Home’Pay and Belfius
  • PLGDRPC-30 - Add PaySafeCard
  • PLGDRPC-29 - Send shopping cart data for all payment methods when creating transaction


Release date: July 7th, 2015

New features

  • This plugin has been rewritten
  • Uses the MultiSafepay JSON API.
  • Added Direct iDEAL.
  • Added Refund API support.
  • Pay After Delivery and Klarna orders can now be set to shipped from the backend.
  • The payment method used is now shown in the order overview.
  • Added (watchdog) logging functionality for MultiSafepay requests.
  • Added coupon and discount support.
  • Added support for Commerce Fees module to support order/shipping/payment fees.
  • Added support for Rules.