Release Notes CS-Cart plugin


Release date - April 1st, 2020


  • PLGCSCS-117: Add Apple Pay


  • PLGCSCS-113: Rename MultiSafepay Wallet to MultiSafepay


Release date - February 26th, 2020


  • PLGCSCS-88: Add “Kies uw Bank” as first issuer option


  • PLGCSCS-100: Make merchant_item_id unique for product options
  • PLGCSCS-94: Rename Direct Ebanking to SOFORT Banking
  • PLGCSCS-92: Correct payment methods names
  • PLGCSCS-91: Change the number of decimals from 2 to 10 on all shopping cart items in transaction requests


  • PLGCSCS-93: Fix webshop version number in transaction request
  • PLGCSCS-83: Fix iDEAL issuer list not showing when user tries to place an order


Release date: Oct 8th, 2018


  • PLGCSCS-60: Add Afterpay as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-61: Add EPS as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-62: Add iDEAL QR as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-63: Add TrustPay as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-40: Add Trustly as direct payment method to plugin
  • PLGCSCS-43: Add Alipay as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-54: Add Santander as payment method
  • PLGCSCS-23: Add payment logo’s
  • PLGCSCS-5: Add support for partial_refunded status


  • PLGCSCS-59: Make logical sequence of displaying order statuses in the backend
  • PLGCSCS-53: Support direct transactions for PayPal
  • PLGCSCS-46: Support direct transactions for ING Home’Pay / Alipay
  • PLGCSCS-30: Support direct transactions for KBC
  • PLGCSCS-39: Added disclaimer to new PHP files
  • PLGCSCS-77: Change defaults for order statuses
  • PLGCSCS-80: Status update on refund and partial refund


  • PLGCSCS-47: Refactor checkout_data when taxes are not set
  • PLGCSCS-44: Change gatewaycode for ING’HomePay to INGHOME
  • PLGCSCS-42: Make user notifications depend on status parameters instead of fixed
  • PLGCSCS-37: Surcharge title was not used in transaction requests
  • PLGCSCS-45: Rename KBC/CBC to KBC
  • PLGCSCS-38: Locale has wrong format within the transaction request


Release date: Jan 17th, 2018


  • Add Belfius & KBC/CBC & ING Home’Pay to plugin
  • Send shopping cart data for all payment methods when creating transaction
  • Add PaySafeCard as payment method to plugin
  • Update header information.
  • Code formatting.
  • When selecting another currency then default the wrong values were added to the transaction
  • Install script did not update existing records
  • Correct Wallet gateway code.
  • Empty Pay After Delivery Fee is added for every transaction
  • Fix checkout_data prices when taxes are used
  • Set correct payment fee id, the same for the shipping method


Release date: Jan 27, 2017


  • Add support for PHP-7


  • Added missing templates for manual order creation using the backend


Release date: Dec 30, 2014


  • Better support for updating the order status


Release date: Mar 24, 2014


  • Support for American Express.


  • Fixed bug with Bank transfer on returning.
  • Added billing country check for Pay After Delivery. If billing country is not ‘NL’ then don’t show gateway.
  • Changed locale, use order language if available.


Release date: Nov 15, 2013

  • Supports all payment methods including Pay After Delivery
  • Support minimum and maximum value-restricions for showing a gateway.