MultiSafepay plugin for Craft Commerce

Easily integrate MultiSafepay payment solutions into your Craft Commerce webshop with the free and completely new Craft Commerce 3 plugin.



The installation can be carried out in two ways:

In this manual we describe the installation via Composer.

1. Requirements

  • Craft CMS version 3.2 or higher
  • PHP 7.0 and higher
  • Tested with PHP 7.0

2. Installation

Run the following commands via the CLI:

composer require multisafepay/craft-commerce
./craft plugin/install multisafepay

After running these commands, the latest stable release is downloaded and installed within your Craft Commerce webshop.

3. Configuration

  1. Log into the backend of your webshop and navigate to MultiSafepay > Settings.
    This page contains all the plugin settings.

  2. Navigate to Commerce > System Settings > Gateways.
    This page contains the gateway settings where you can find all payment methods and giftcards supported by MultiSafepay.
    Ensure that you have the selected payment methods active in your MultiSafepay Control

4. Congratulations

You have installed and configured the plugin successfully. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, feel free to contact our Integration Team at [email protected]


  • Support for separate payment methods.
  • Support for billing suite payment methods.
  • Support for gift cards.
  • Partial and full refund support for non billing suite payment methods.
  • Customizable order statuses.
  • Shipment notification for billing suite payment methods.


Discounts are not supported by the MultiSafepay Craft Commerce plugin.

Release Notes

See our changelog in GitHub for the plugin



Can I refund orders?

Yes, it is possible to refund orders from within the Craft Commerce admin panel.

In the Craft CMS admin panel, navigate to Commerce > Orders and select an order. Navigate to the Transactions tab and there you see the refund options.

It is not possible to refund orders that are paid with billing suite payment methods from the Craft CMS admin panel.

You can also refund from your MultiSafepay Control

Generic gateways Craft Commerce

The Craft Commerce plugin offers generic gateways and/or generic gift cards.

It is possible to set the gateway code and gateway label. All of our payment methods are supported.

Refunds of generic gateway transactions are only possible through MultiSafepay Control.

Is there support for Craft Commerce 2?

If you are using Commerce version 2, please contact the Integration Team at [email protected]


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