MultiSafepay Drupal 8 installation & configuration manual


This manual helps merchants process MultiSafepay payments as quickly as possible from a Drupal 8 webshop. For some steps in this manual, assistance from your technical partner may be required.

The installation can be carried out in three ways:

  • Composer
  • SFTP
  • Backend

In this manual we describe the installation via Composer. We recommend you install the plugin first on a test environment, and make sure you have made a backup.

If you need any technical help, please contact us.

To use the plugin you need a MultiSafepay account. You can create a test account on
If you would like to set up a live account, please contact the MultiSafepay sales department:

1. Requirements - Drupal 8.x

  • Tested on PHP 7.2
  • Drupal Commerce 2.x

2. Installation

For installing the latest stable version of our Drupal Commerce 2.x plugin please run the following command in your terminal

composer require drupal/commerce_multisafepay_payments

After running these commands, the latest stable release is downloaded and installed within your Drupal Commerce 2.x webshop.

3. Configuration

  1. Login on the backend of your webshop and navigate to Commerce -> Configuration -> Payments -> MultiSafepay settings. On this page you can fill in your API details.

    Information on where to find your Merchant ID, Site ID, Site code or API key can be found on our API key page.

  2. Navigate to Commerce -> Configuration -> Payments -> Payment gateways. This page contains the configuration options for all payment methods supported by MultiSafepay.
    Be sure that you have the selected payment methods active in your MultiSafepay Control

4. Congratulations

You have installed and configured the plugin successfully. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, feel free to contact our Integration Team at [email protected]