Subscription and credit management tool

Twikey is an online tool for managing your subscriptions and collecting your subscription fees that includes SEPA direct debit mandate management

You can send invoices directly to your new and existing customers by including a MultiSafepay link and thus enabling your customers to pay quickly and effortlessly by clicking on a MultiSafepay payment link. It is also possible to create a one-off payment link to send to your customers via Twikey to collect payments for unsettled transactions by allowing the customer to pay by clicking on a payment link or scanning a QR code that you can send by e-mail, WhatsApp or any other means of communication that you might use.

To use these features, you need to set up your the integration with MultiSafepay by entering your MultiSafepay API key in Twikey by going to Settings -> Integrations -> MultiSafepay. After that, you need to update your invoice settings in your Twikey template settings if you want a payment link added when sending invoices. In case you want to create a payment link, you simply need to go to the Payment links section and input the necessary information as amount, customer identification etc.