Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) is a MultiSafepay solution that lets you process card-not-present payments over the phone or by email.

How it works

The customer provides their card details to you over the phone or by email.

Since MOTO skips 3D Secure authentication, you bear the increased risk of fraud. To help ensure the customer is the cardholder, ask them to provide as much identifying information as possible, e.g.:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Name of bank
  • A copy of their signature on some correspondence, e.g. a scanned order confirmation

You handle the transaction via your MultiSafepay dashboard or our API.

Supported payment methods

  • American Express
  • Generic credit card gateway
  • Maestro, except for non-domestic transactions in France, Ireland, and Turkey
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Activating MOTO

Email a request to activate MOTO to [email protected]

The Risk Team assesses your request and, if approved, activates MOTO for your MultiSafepay account.


Once activated, to process MOTO payments, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard.
  2. Go to Tools > Mail & phone payments.
  3. Under Payment details:
    • From the Currency list, select the currency, and then enter the amount.
    • From the Site list, select the relevant website.
    • Enter an order ID, if relevant.
    • Enter an order description.
  4. Under Credit card details, enter the payment details provided by the customer by email or telephone.
  5. Under Customer details, enter the customer’s name, address, and contact information.
  6. Click Submit order.
    The transaction appears in your Transaction overview.


See API reference – Create order > Card order.

In the gateway_info object, include the moto parameter.


Propose a change on GitHubexternal-link-icon or
send an email to [email protected]

Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.