3D Secure

About 3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication protocol for online credit and debit card payments. It provides an extra layer of security and prevents fraud-related chargebacks. After entering their credit card details, customers are redirected to the card scheme to verify their identity, before completing payment.

If a customer requests a chargeback due to fraud after the transaction passed 3D Secure …

Dynamic 3D Secure

3D Secure authentication is enabled by default for all credit card payments.

Dynamic 3D Secure lets you set rules to disable 3D Secure for specific credit card payments, e.g. based on:

  • Transaction amount
  • Card/customer/IP country

The most common reason for disabling 3D Secure is if you have a lot of customers outside Europe who don’t have access to it. Consider setting a rule for …

Flexible 3D
Note: MultiSafepay no longer supports Flexible 3D in Europe due to PSD2 regulations. If you are a European merchant with a lot of customers outside Europe and you need a more flexible setup, email [email protected]

Flexible 3D lets you enable and disable mandatory 3D Secure authentication of credit card transactions via our API.

See API reference – Server to Server …


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