What do I need to know about credit card payments?

There a number of things businesses should be aware of when accepting payments by credit card online.

Ease of use

Credit card is a very common, often preferred payment method in many countries. Their wide spread acceptance and ability to process charges in multiple currencies make them the default choice for many customers.


With MultiSafepay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are additional payment methods. You can submit the application to enable the payment methods through your account manager via [email protected]

To activate the payment methods Visa and Mastercard we would like to receive the following information from you.

  • Average transaction amount
  • Minimum transaction amount
  • Maximum transaction amount
  • Yearly turnover by credit cards.

When approved by our screening department, the payment methods Visa and Mastercard will be enabled for your MultiSafepay Control


Payment service providers and businesses handling credit card data must abide by the PCI Data Security Standards. These standards are designed to protect customers and merchants by requiring the use of extensive security protocols and data management practices. MultiSafepay is PCI compliant and merchants can use MultiSafepay Payment pages to accept credit card payments without being PCI compliant themselves.


Customers using credit card as payment method have the right to initiate a chargeback. A chargeback is a forcibly initiated reversal of funds.

Additional information available in what is a chargeback?

3D Secure

For detailed information about 3D Secure please read the specific support page.


Some rules may apply to certain payment methods. These rules are mandatory when processing credit card transactions.

The following information should be available on your website when accepting credit cards:

  • Official company name, like in the company register
  • Official company address
  • Company registration number
  • VAT-number
  • General terms (including cancellation policy)
  • Privacy policy
  • Contact data like email address and phone number
  • Acknowledgment terms in the checkout for client, preferably a tickbox.