My company has taken over an existing webshop. What should I do?

In the event that your company has taken over an existing webshop you can contact us to receive the applicable form, which must be filled in and submitted to MultiSafepay. Submitting the take-over form is necessary if the acquired webshop has an existing MultiSafepay payment system.

It is advised to create a new MultiSafepay Control in case there is a new company taking over the account, also to separate the money flow and reporting.

Contact your account manager at Multisafepay to start the takeover procedure at [email protected]

What is a takeover?

In business, a takeover is the purchase of one company by another. Results may be that the URL, owner, address and/or business model remains the same, but from a legal point of view a different Chamber of Commerce number is a different company. Therefore, a new screening procedure will take place.

What we need from you

The following information will be requested:

  • A signed takeover form Download takeover from
  • A new MultiSafepay agreement Download agreement supplied by the new owner. The agreement needs to be paraph on the first page and signature on the second page
  • Bank statement
  • Colour copy ID.

In addition to the above documents, Multisafepay would like to receive the following information:

  • If changed, account name
  • Name of contact
  • Phone number.

The website(s) will also be screened again. Should certain data change as a result of the takeover, do not forget to apply the changes on the website. This might be:

  • Terms and Conditions. MultiSafepay believes it is important that customers have the right to return items within fourteen days without giving a reason
  • VAT (Value added tax)
  • CoC (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Business address as stated in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Privacy Policy
  • Phone number.