How can I refund an order?

Depending on your integration with MultiSafepay you may be able to refund payments from your own back-end. In case this isn’t possible, you can always initiate refunds via the MultiSafepay Control. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Navigate to Transactions > Transaction overview and search for the transaction
  3. Click on the transaction 
  4. Click on the Refund …
Can I cancel an initiated refund?

If the initiated transaction still has the status Reserved, you will still be able to cancel the refund. In this case the refund will not be issued to the customer. The Reserved status will be shown until midnight (the same day). After this period, the amount will be settled.

How long after the initial transaction can I process a refund?

This depends per payment method. In the case of Credit cards, you can refund with a maximum of 180 days. After this time period it is no longer possible to refund a transaction via our system.

For PayPal trasnsactions the maximum amount of days to refund is 90 days,

All other payment methods have no maximum amount of days to refund.

If you have any other questions about refunds, please contact …

How long does a refund take to process?

If you would like to refund a transaction to a customer, the time of processing varies per payment method.

For direct banking such as KBC, Belfius, ING Homepay, Trustly, Direct Debit, it takes one business day to process the refund. 

In case of a Bank transfer, it takes 2 to 3 business days until your customer receives it on his/her bank account (depending on the bank of the customer).

Credit …

What is the refund period per payment method?

The refund period differs per payment method. The refund period is defined by the maximum number of days by which you can refund a customer for a single order. In the table below, the refund period per payment method is defined:

Payment method Refund period
AfterPay 730 days
Alipay 365 days
American Express 180 days
Bancontact / Bancontact Mobile 180 days
Bank transfer 730 …
Why have my refunds not been processed?

It takes MultiSafepay a few hours to process the refunds. In case the refund has the status Reserved this can mean two things: 

  1. The refund still needs to be processed (refund is settled at midnight the same day, and will have the status Completed thereafter)
  2. The refund cannot be processed due to a negative balance. If your balance is not sufficient to process the refunds, the system will wait …
Can I refund in batches?

It is possible to easily refund in batches with our refund script. The refund script takes two parameters:

  1. A .csv file which specifies the order_id, amount and description of every order
  2. Your API key

The script is written in PHP, so make sure it’s used in an environment where a PHP interpreter is installed.

To download the refund script and find more instructions on its usage, visit our …

Can a delay in outgoing payments occur?

Outgoing payments such as refunds and withdrawals may be delayed depending on the bank the payment has been issued through.

When outgoing payments are passed on to a bank, the status of an order changes from Reserved to Completed around midnight. It is then the responsibility of the bank to process the outgoing payment.

Although, if the status is marked as Reserved, you can still cancel the …


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