How do I know which documents I need to submit and/or which data to post on my website?

MultiSafepay will ask you to submit a number of documents in order to fully activate your account. After your account has been fully activated, it is possible to withdraw funds from your account and transfer them to your business bank account. Which documents are required depends on the legal structure/entity of a company.

  • Copy of a Chamber of Commerce extract
  • Copy of valid ID of the directors and/or persons with an interest of 25 percent (or more) in a company, e.g. via shares, control, or profit sharing
  • A payment in the amount of 1 EUR transferred from your business bank account (you can initiate this procedure in MultiSafepay Control). Alternatively, you can provide a copy of a bank statement/screenshot taken in your online banking environment including IBAN and company name. Important: the company name on your bank statement must be an exact match with one of the trade names on your Chamber of Commerce extract
  • Signed MultiSafepay Agreement for processing online payments. We kindly request you sign/fill in both pages.

Additionally, we kindly request you to list the following information on your website(s):

  • Official company name (as it is registered in the company register)
  • Chamber of Commerce number / company registration number
  • VAT number
  • General Terms and Conditions including right of withdrawal (14 days) or cancellation policy
  • Address, phone number and email address
  • Privacy Policy
  • For credit cards there needs to be a tickbox for customers in the checkout to agree with the terms

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