Getting Started

Switching to MultiSafepay from another PSP

You can sign up for a MultiSafepay account while still using another PSP without incurring any costs. This lets you process test payments and gives access to all features. MultiSafepay will only start charging monthly fees when you begin processing real payments.

Transferring tokens

In collaboration with your current PSP, we can securely transfer tokenized credit card details. This is …

Ultimate Beneficial Owner form

MultiSafepay is legally required under the Wwft to establish and verify the identity of each merchant enterprise’s ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs).

What is an ultimate beneficial owner?

A UBO is the natural person who directly or indirectly holds an equity interest in or exercises control of the enterprise. Most commonly, an individual holds an equity interest of 25% or more of the …

Onboarding new merchants

Onboarding refers to the steps you need to follow to create and active a MultiSafepay account. When you sign up, we perform several know your customer checks on the:

  • Account holder
  • Associated bank account
  • Merchant
  • Associated website

To help you process payments as quickly as possible, we divide the onboarding checks into two phases:

  • Identification: Once we have established the identity of …
Prohibited products and services

As a payment service provider, MultiSafepay is subject to Dutch and European legislation and regulations. We must then comply with specific policies for each payment method we offer.

MultiSafepay must account for risks and potential reputational damage. Therefore, we cannot permit some products and/or services to be sold, or only if the merchant provides additional information.

For a list of …

Testing with MultiSafepay

In the MultiSafepay Test Environment, you can test your website integration with MultiSafepay or try out new features, without processing real transactions. You can test different payment methods and your website’s transaction status handling.

Start by creating a test account. For authentication, see the test environment settings and use either:

  • the test API key provided, or
  • the test …
Conditions for selling alcohol

As a merchant, you are required to verify customers’ age when selling or delivering orders that include alcohol. As a PSP, MultiSafepay must ensure that merchants comply with relevant legislation and that your customers meet the requirements for purchasing alcohol.


Dutch law states that alcohol cannot be sold to customers under the age of 18. If you sell alcohol, you must …

Activating payment methods

You can activate new payment methods in your MultiSafepay Control account either:

  • Globally, that is for all websites connected to your MultiSafepay Control account.
  • At site level, that is for one website only.

In the vast majority of cases, the global setting is sufficient. If you manage multiple websites that allow different payment methods, activate the payment methods at the site level. …

Test payment details

This page assumes you have followed the steps on Getting started and are ready to test different payment methods and scenarios in your MultiSafepay Test Control.

It provides information about test credentials, sample statuses, possible errors, and valid payment pages.

Note: By default, you cannot process test refunds. To enable outgoing payments, email the Integration Team at …

Paying out your MultiSafepay Control balance

To withdraw the balance from your MultiSafepay Control account and transfer it to your business bank account, your MultiSafepay Control account must be fully activated. To check this:

  1. Log in to MultiSafepay Control.
  2. From the left-hand dashboard, select Pay-out.
  3. If your account is not fully activated, a red bar appears at the top of the screen with a link to the page for uploading the documents …
Test orders overview

Fill your test account with test orders

Contact us at [email protected] and specify the amount of orders you would like to view. These will all be listed as test orders. At this moment we can provide you with the following sample payment methods:

  • iDEAL (All scenarios are possible)
  • Sofort (All scenarios are possible)
  • Bancontact (All scenarios are possible)
  • VISA (All scenarios are …


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