Styleguide MultiSafepay


The purpose of a style guide is to ensure consistency in any documentation or website. It may vary from how we spell the name of our company to the color codes we use for our logo.

Below you will find all kinds of style conventions we apply.

Our name

We spell our name with a capitalized M and S in MultiSafepay. Commonly mistaken with a capitalized P.

MultiSafepay is the correct convention.

We have various logos for different types of backgrounds:

  • Text on dark background: #ffffff
  • Text on light background: #232323
  • Standard blue: #00abee
  • CTA pink: #f85481

Color codes

We keep our colors clean, clear and simple. Just like our products and services.

  • White: #ffffff
  • Blue: #00abee
  • Pink: #f85481
  • Grey (text): #232323


Our tagline is Smart Payment Services.
We can use our tagline individually or combined with the logo. Header font size: 30pt.


We use sub headers to help engage our message. The sub header states ‘MultiSafepay technology is awesome’. Font size: 16pt.