What is an MT940 report?

An MT940 report is a format used to export financial transaction details, similar to a bank statement. MT940 is a universal structure which is compatible with various formats.

In your MultiSafepay Control, it is possible to export financial information according to format, date, currency, and bank account number, among others.

Your accountancy software should contain the following features to ensure a seamless import and reconciliation of financial data:

  • Software should contain the option to process MT940 reports

  • The order numbers used in our files (f.e. 200160526) should also be available in the accountancy software

  • The customer names and order amounts should coincide with those listed in the accountancy software.

The final two points mentioned above are not an issue if a connection between the ecommerce platform and the accountancy software has been established.

MT940 supports the following formats, among others:

  • CSV (financial reporting only)

  • Excel