How do I set-up my Exact Online platform?

A full international bank account number is needed to import the generated accountant export from your MultiSafepay account into your Exact online account.

Create your bank account number (IBAN) at

  • Click on calculate an IBAN
  • Select the Netherlands as country
  • Choose ING bank as bank
  • Fill in your merchant ID
  • Click on calculate IBAN
  • A bank account number (IBAN) and BIC is generated

How do I process the bank account number in my Exact online platform?

  • Go to bank accounts in your Exact online platform
  • Click new
  • Select payment service provider as type
  • Enter the full international bank account number
  • Synchronize by selecting the ING bank
  • Click save

You have created a bank account. All transactions linked to this bank account number can now be registered.

Exact Globe and Exact Online can both perfectly import and match our MT940 report if:

  • your accounting package supports the processing of MT940 files (bank statements).
  • the order numbering that appears in the exported accountant files (eg 200160526), also appears in the correct invoice fields in your accounting platform.
  • the customer’s name and the order amounts that appear in the exported accountant files correspond to those in your accounting platform,

Note: Exact Basic / Standard package does not support the MT940 import function, at least Exact Advanced version is required to import an MT940 file.

Note: Lightspeed users must require Lightspeed to perform an adjustment to make sure the order number appears in the correct field in Exact for it to be matched with our MT940.