Withdrawing funds from my MultiSafepay Control?

You will be able to pay out funds to your business bank account anytime, as soon as your MultiSafepay Control account has been fully activated. Of course, payouts cannot be carried out if the balance of your account is negative (in case of refunds, chargebacks or fees) or if this feature is deactivated by the Risk Team for any reason.

There are two ways for merchants to withdraw funds, either automatically or manually.

Automatic withdrawals

To carry out an automatic withdrawal, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select Finance > Balance
  3. Select the bank account number on which you wish to receive the amount (IBAN)
  4. Schedule payments.

The payout scheduler allows you to:

  • Schedule automatic withdrawals on preferred day(s) of the week
  • Schedule a payment only when a certain amount is exceeded (preferred amount)
  • Reserve an amount (e.g. for a refund).

Manual withdrawals

To carry out a manual withdrawal, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select Finance > Balance
  3. Select an amount, the currency and the the bank account number on which you wish to receive the amount (IBAN).

How long do payouts take?

Of course, you may wonder how long it takes for a payout to be completed and whether there are differences between manual and automatic withdrawals. The duration of different payouts depends on several factors. The withdrawal delay is decided by our Risk Team depending on the Risk appetite. The default withdrawal delay is 1 day.

Automatic withdrawal : Assuming default settings, when merchant selects a payout on Monday, the payout batch will include all the payments until 23:59 am of the selected date. The payout batch will be sent to our bank on Tuesday morning. Our bank will process the batch and transfer the amount to the merchant’s business bank account. The merchant may receive the payout on Tuesday afternoon.

Manual withdrawal : In case of a manual transaction, the withdrawal will have the status Reserved for 24 hours before it is added to our bank’s payout batch. Once added to the payout batch (this happens in the morning), the payout is transferred to the merchant’s bank. A manual payout usually takes longer to process than an automatic withdrawal.

Important information and exceptions

  • Withdrawing funds costs 0.50 EUR per withdrawal
  • Please keep in mind that the payout process can take up to three business days before it arrives on the bank account number of the merchant
  • If you would prefer your funds to be paid out to a different bank account than the one activated in MultiSafepay Control, you will first need to add it under Business documents
  • Not all banks have instant payments and as a result, payment processing can take up extra time on the banks’ side
  • During certain (bank) holidays, banks do not process outgoing payments. For example only, check out this Deutsche Bank schedule for the Netherlands
  • Please keep in mind that if the balance on your MultiSafepay Control is negative due to, for example a refund, the payout is paused until an appropriate amount is available on the balance. Be advised to always set a “reserved balance” in the payout settings to prevent payout and/or refund delays
  • The default payout delay is 1 day, however individual merchants might have a longer delay as mandated by the the Risk Team based on their risk estimation
  • Payment batches are not processed during the weekend (i.e. payouts initiated on Friday will be processed on Monday morning).


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