Errors explained


CSRF, also known as Cross-Site Request Forgery.

The warning CSRF is displayed on our payment page when the customer is reaching it through a POST request. This can occur when you are having an HTML form through which you send the customer to with a POST request.

  • will accept POST and GET requests
  • will only …
PayPal ERROR: 10002 Restricted account

When setting up a business PayPal account, you might run into ‘PayPal ERROR: 10002 Restricted account’ error message. This error is thrown by PayPal when the business account has not yet been fully verified/approved. Please contact PayPal in order to have this issue solved.

HTTP Errors
  • Please note that HTTP errors are not necessarily originated from the MultiSafepay platform. They are rather generic errors you can come across while browsing the web.

Below you can find a list of the most common error codes and their explanations:

Error Description
HTTP 200: OK The page responds correctly but lacks the text ‘OK’ in the body.
HTTP 301: Moved permanently …

An iFrame, also known as an Inline Frame is HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website

Although MultiSafepay does not prohibit the use of an iFrame, it is not recommended. Due to privacy and security reasons it may occur that the selected payment method is non-responsive when using an iFrame.

Banks are loading scripts that cannot be loaded within the iFrame. Also, the …

What does an error mean?

Occasionally, you may see an error displayed in the response transaction request, transaction status or in the Offline Actions section of your MultiSafepay Control

Below, there is a list of these error codes and their possible causes. This may be helpful in order for you to diagnose and correct any issues.

ID Error Description Resolve Issue
1000 Unknown message type Transaction not …


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