Why request the IP address of the customer?


Due to validating the ip_address of the customer within post payment and credit card payment methods, we need the actual IP address of the end user within the ip_address field.

Meaning, the optional parameter “ip_address (optional) within the JSON is now a “required” field when processing post payment and/or credit card payment methods.

Upon validating the ip_address, localhost IP address instead of the end user, may result in transactions end up being marked with the status uncleared or even be rejected/declined.

   "customer": {
        "ip_address": "",
        "forwarded_ip": ""


The X-FORWARDED-FOR header of the customer request when using a proxy.

forwarded_ip is to be used when there is a proxy. In all other cases they need to use the ip_address to retrieve the IP address of the customer.