How does the notification URL work?

Our API will notify your web server when the status of a transaction changes.
We will add 2 parameters to the notification:
- Transactionid
- Timestamp


In a request we receive:

"order_id": 12345,  

When the status of this transaction changes, we will notify the web server with this URL:

This is done through a GET request on the above URL.
Within your custom implementation you will have to perform the following 3 tasks:

  1. Perform a status request on the order using the transactionid provided.
  2. Update the status of the order within your own systems.
  3. Return an OK message to signal our systems everything went correctly.


  1. Always use the protocol (http or https) in the URL.
  2. When the notification url is set in the MultiSafepay Control we always will use that url first.
  3. Port numbers should not be included in the notification url at all as our platform can handle standard ports only due to security requirements.


We expect an OK in the body of the response on this request.
When we don’t see an OK we will repeat this notification 2 times in 15 minutes.

Please make sure that our IP ranges are authorized to call the notification url.

When your code is informed about the new status, your code can do a GET request to our API to get the complete status of the transaction. The field status is relevant for further processing of the order.