How does the notification URL work?


Our notifications are webhooks whereby our API will notify your web server when the status of a transaction changes.

The notification webhooks are triggered by events made by both your customers (e.g. completing a payment) and you (e.g. creating a refund).

We will add 2 parameters to the notification:

  • Transactionid
  • Timestamp.

MultiSafepay will always call the notification_url with the timestamp parameter.

When MultiSafepay calls the notification_url without a timestamp, the call should be ignored.
The call should also be ignored when the same order status is received.


In a request we receive:
This request is done through a GET request.

"order_id": 12345,  

When the status of this transaction changes, we will notify the web server with this URL:

Carry out the following 3 tasks within your custom implementation:

  1. Perform a status request on the order using the transactionid provided
  2. Update the status of the order within your own systems
  3. Return an OK message. We expect an empty page with just OK in the body of the response on this request, with a HTTP 200 OK in the header.


  • Always use (http or https) in the URL
  • A notification URL supplied in your MultiSafepay Control will be leading. This means that we will use the provided notification URL available in your MultiSafepay Control first
  • Port numbers should not be included in the notification URL. Our platform only processes standard ports due to security reasons.


As response, MultiSafepay expects an empty page with just OK in the body of the response on this request, with a HTTP 200 OK in the header. When an OK is not received, MultiSafepay will repeat this notification. The notification with timestamp is repeated twice within 15 minutes.

Please make sure that our IP ranges is authorized to process the notification URL.

When our systems call the code at your notification_url, your code can perform a GET request on our API to receive the actual status of the transaction. The field status is relevant for further processing of the order.


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