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Excluding referrals in Google Analytics

For redirect payment methods where customers are directed to a third-party site to complete payment and then back to your website, Google Analytics doesn’t correctly track these visits to your website, e.g.:

  • Gateway: Source (instead of your website)
  • Referral: Medium (instead of direct)

Google Analytics starts a new session whenever a customer comes to your site from a different source to …

Logos and icons

For MultiSafepay logos, see our Github repository – MultiSafepay logos.

For the logos and icons of all MultiSafepay payment methods, see our Github repository – MultiSafepay icons.

To generate a PNG image of payment method logos to display on your website, use the payment logo designer.

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard.
  2. Go to Tools > Payment logo designer.
  3. Select a layout template.
  4. From …
Generic gateways in ready-made integrations

Some of our ready-made integrations use a generic gateway, which redirects customers from your webshop checkout to a MultiSafepay payment page displaying your selected payment methods. You can specify which methods to include, and how to display their logos on the page.

Generic gateways support:

Using a …

Transaction expiration per payment method

Different payment methods set different expiration times for transactions. The time begins:

  • For direct requests: When you make the POST /orders request.
  • For redirect requests: When the customer selects the payment method on the MultiSafepay payment page.

The expiration time is set by the payment method and cannot be changed.

Note: Transaction expiration times are different to …


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