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Excluding referrals in Google Analytics

For redirect payment methods where customers are directed to a third-party site to complete payment and then back to your website, Google Analytics doesn’t correctly track these visits to your website, e.g.:

  • Gateway: Source (instead of your website)
  • Referral: Medium (instead of direct)

Google Analytics starts a new session whenever a customer comes to your site from a different source …

Adding SPF DNS records for MultiSafepay emails

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records let users specify which servers can send emails on behalf of their domain name system (DNS). Receiving servers can check the SPF record and decide to:

  • Let the email through.
  • Mark it as unsafe.
  • Refuse it altogether.

MultiSafepay uses an SPF record to prevent our emails being marked as spam.

You can add the following TXT record to the DNS of your customers: …

Logos and icons

For MultiSafepay logos, see MultiSafepay logos.

For the icons of all payment methods in your MultiSafepay account, see MultiSafepay – Payment logo designer.

For the logos and icons of all MultiSafepay payment methods, see MultiSafepay icons.

For help with finding logos and icons, email the Integration Team at [email protected]

Generic gateways

In our plugins, we use predefined gateways for specific payment methods. When we start supporting a new payment method, you need to update your plugin to use the new gateway.

To avoid this, some of our plugins use generic gateways which include a flexible gateway code that lets them connect to almost every payment method we offer, without updating the plugin.


Generic gateways …


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