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An inline frame, or iFrame, is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.

Although MultiSafepay doesn’t prohibit iFrames, we don’t recommend them. Reasons include:

  • Some payment methods may not respond if you use an iFrame for privacy and security reasons.

  • Some banks use scripts that can’t load in iFrames.

  • Google Chrome’s safety checks on …

Excluding referrals in Google Analytics

For redirect payment methods where customers are directed to a third-party site to complete payment and then back to your website, Google Analytics doesn’t correctly track these visits to your website, e.g.:

  • Gateway: Source (instead of your website)
  • Referral: Medium (instead of direct)

Google Analytics starts a new session whenever a customer comes to your site from a different source to …

Generic gateways in ready-made integrations

Some of our ready-made integrations use a generic gateway, which redirects customers from your webshop checkout to a payment page displaying your selected payment methods. You can specify which methods to include, and how to display their logos on the page.

Generic gateways support:

Using a generic gateway …

Setting up email authentication

Adding SPF records for MultiSafepay emails

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records let you specify who is authorized to send emails on your domain’s behalf. Receiving email servers can check the SPF record to verify the sender. Using an SPF record prevents emails sent by MultiSafepay on your behalf from being marked as spam.

  1. Through your hosting provider, domain registrar, or DNS provider, …

Transaction expiration per payment method

Different payment methods set different expiration times for transactions. The time begins:

  • For direct requests: When you make the create order request.
  • For redirect requests: When the customer selects the payment method on the payment page.

The expiration time is set by the payment method and cannot be changed.

Note: Transaction expiration times are different to session lifetimes …


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