Errors explained

Handling errors

This page lists errors you may encounter in transaction responses or statuses, or under Offline actions in your MultiSafepay dashboard, and possible causes.

Error 1000: Unknown message type

The payment method is disabled or unavailable.

To check the payment method settings for your MultiSafepay account, email the Support Team at [email protected]

Error 1001: Invalid amount

The POST /orders …

iFrame errors

An inline frame, or iFrame, is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.

Although MultiSafepay doesn’t prohibit iFrames, we don’t recommend them. Reasons include:

  • Some payment methods may not respond if you use an iFrame for privacy and security reasons.

  • Some banks use scripts that can’t load in iFrames.

  • Google Chrome’s safety checks on …

MultiSafepay status

In the rare event of an outage of MultiSafepay systems, go to MultiSafepay Status, which lists the current status of all our systems.

MultiSafepay Status also includes a log of the date, time, and description of all past outages.

To subscribe to MultiSafepay updates, click Subscribe to updates.

CSRF errors

The cross-site request forgery (CSRF) warning appears on payment pages when customers access them through POST requests.

This can occur when you use an HTML form to send customers to with a POST request.

  • accepts POST and GET requests
  • only accepts GET requests.

For support, email the Integration Team at …

HTTP errors

Note: HTTP errors don’t necessarily originate from the MultiSafepay platform. They are generic errors you can encounter while browsing the web.

The following table lists the most common HTTP error codes and descriptions:

Error Description
HTTP 200: OK The page is responding correctly but is missing the text OK in the body.
HTTP 301: Moved permanently The page has moved …
MultiSafepay IP ranges

To avoid failed offline actions in status updates (e.g. an HTTP 403 response), you may need to authorize the MultiSafepay servers' ip addresses on your notification URL.

For support and information about the MultiSafepay IP addresses, email the Integration Team at [email protected]


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Other languages

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