Difference between direct and redirect API calls

In our API, you can make direct and redirect calls.

Direct calls

Direct calls connect directly to the specified payment method and either:

  • Generate a direct link to the payment method, e.g. specifying iDEAL in the gateway parameter takes the customer to the payment page of their bank.
  • Complete the transaction immediately without the customer having to do anything.

You can make direct calls repeatedly, e.g. for recurring payments.

Redirect calls

Redirect calls send the customer to a MultiSafepay payment page for the specified payment method, e.g. specifying Visa in the gateway parameter includes fields on the payment page for the customer to fill in their Visa credit card information. The customer doesn’t leave the MultiSafepay payment page.

If you leave the gateway parameter empty, all payment methods enabled in your MultiSafepay account appear on the payment page.


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