MultiSafepay plugin for CS-Cart

This technical manual is for installing and configuring our free plugin for integrating MultiSafepay payment solutions into your CS-Cart webshop.

Test environment


We recommend first installing the plugin in a test environment following the recommended Shopware 6 installation procedure. Make sure you have made a backup.


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  • Telephone: +31 (0)20 8500 500
  • Email: [email protected]
  • GitHub: Create a technical issue



  • MultiSafepay account – See Getting started.
  • CS-Cart 4.x
  • Tested on PHP 7.0


  1. Unpack the content of the .ZIP file in the root of your CS-Cart webshop.
  2. To trigger the installation, go to
  3. Delete the msp_installer.php file.
  4. In your MultiSafepay account, provide your notification URL.


  1. Sign in to your CS-Cart backend.
  2. Go to Administration > Payment methods.
  3. To add payment methods, click the + button.
  4. In the next screen, enter a name for the payment method to display during checkout.
  5. In the Processing unit field, specify the payment method.
  6. Fill out the other fields as required.
  7. Click Create.
  8. In the Configure tab, enter your account ID, site ID, and site code.

    Information on where to find your Account ID, Site ID, Site code or API key can be found on our API key page.

    Your account ID appears in the top right corner of your MultiSafepay account.

Extra options such as IP-Validation and debugmode are intended for developers. Leave them unchanged.

User guide

Applying surcharges

You can apply surcharges when configuring the payment method under Surcharge. Always enter the amount including VAT.

Processing refunds

Refund rules

  • From your MultiSafepay account: Full refunds
  • From your CS-Cart backend:
    • Full refunds
    • Refunding more than the original transaction is not supported
Updating the plugin

There are 3 ways to update the plugin:

  • In your backend
  • In the CMS marketplace
  • Using SFTP

To update the plugin in your using SFTP, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your production environment, and that you test the plugin in a staging environment.
  2. From the CS-Cart manual, download the plugin again.
  3. Follow the Installation and configuration instructions from step 2.


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send an email to [email protected]

Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.