This page sets out ways of integrating MultiSafepay with Yuki.

Importing accountant exports

You can import MultiSafepay accountant export reports (in MT940 format) into Yuki.

Importing accountant exports

  1. Sign in to your Yuki domain ending in @yukiworks.be.
  2. Go to Yuki Postbus > Submit.
  3. Click Upload, and select the relevant MT940 file, or choose one of the other upload methods.

For more information, see Yuki - Upload files from PO box.

Automating reconciliation

Automatically reconcile using bank recognition rules

  1. Go to Bank transactions to be processed > (New) Processing rule.
  2. Create a new rule.

For more information, see Yuki - Create bank processing rule.

Duopact integration

You can also integrate with Duopact. MultiSafepay transactions are automatically imported daily at midnight.

Connecting Duopact with MultiSafepay

To connect Duopact with your MultiSafepay account, see Duopact – Contact.

Provide Duopact with your MultiSafepay site API key. They will set up a Yuki account for you.

Manually importing transactions

  1. Sign in to your Duopact account.
  2. If you operate multiple websites, select the relevant site from the top-left menu.
  3. Go to Bankmutaties > MultiSafepay.
  4. Click the green button under the Status tab.

Note: Manually importing transactions doesn’t affect automatic imports.

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Other languages

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