VAT invoices

For payment methods where MultiSafepay is the collecting party, we are required to charge VAT on all:

  • Transaction fees: Charged as each transaction is processed. The transaction fee total is the sum of all processed and completed transactions within a specified timeframe and the (universal) transaction fee agreed when you created an account with MultiSafepay.

  • Bank fees: Charged at the beginning of each month

  • Payout and refund fees


We automatically deduct the total amount of VAT from your MultiSafepay balance at the end of each month. To view the exact amount, in your MultiSafepay dashboard, go to Transaction overview, and search for “VAT” or “Invoice”.

We upload a monthly VAT invoice for your account. In your dashboard, go to Finance > Invoices. The invoices are for your records only. You don’t need to pay the amount separately.

We also email the invoice to the financial email address set for your account. If you have not set an email address, we use the main business email address provided in your account.


There are two entries for refunds on your VAT invoice: one for payment methods where MultiSafepay is the collecting party, and the other where we are not.

Non-collecting payment methods

For payment methods where we are not the collecting party:

  • VAT is applied via the scheme to avoid double taxation.
  • Transactions are listed on your invoice with zero VAT value.

Exchange rates

We always use our bank’s closing exchange rate from the previous day. The exchange rate is not displayed on the invoice, but it is easy to calculate.

Simply divide the EUR amount by the foreign currency amount (or the other way around depending on your target currency).


For more information about these costs, see Interchange++.

Reverse-charging VAT

You can only request to reverse-charge VAT if you are not registered as a Dutch company. You must also register your VAT number with MultiSafepay.

To register your VAT number, email the Finance Team at [email protected]

Shifting VAT

If you provide us with your local VAT registration number to include in your monthly invoice, standard Dutch VAT of 21% can be shifted and won’t be charged to you.


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Other languages

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