Prohibited products and services

As a payment service provider, MultiSafepay is subject to Dutch and European legislation and regulations. We must also comply with specific policies set by each payment method we offer.

We must account for risk and potential reputational damage. Therefore, we prohibit the sale of some products and services, or require additional information from the merchant.

For a list of prohibited products and services, email [email protected]. To discuss your options, call +31 20 8500 502.


MultiSafepay has an obligation to ensure you comply with relevant legislation and that your customers meet the requirements for purchasing alcohol. For questions, email [email protected]

Dutch law states that alcohol cannot be sold to customers under the age of 18. You must verify customers' age when selling or delivering orders that include alcohol. When orders are delivered, customers must show a valid identification document with their date of birth, e.g.:

  • Passport
  • Dutch driving license
  • European or Dutch ID card

If you sell alcohol, you must:

  • State this clearly on your website.
  • Email a signed declaration about alcoholic beverages (once only) to [email protected]

If you sell spirits with an alcohol content of 15% or higher, you must:

Prohibited products and services

Cryptocurrency Platforms for cryptocurrency trading
Erotica Erotic and pornographic images
Sex, dating, and mail order brides
Prostitution and escort services
Food supplements Steroids
Food supplements that:
- Endanger health
- Make (medical) claims not supported by scientific evidence
- Contain ingredients not (yet) approved by the European Commission
Gambling and games of chance Gambling and games of chance (prohibited whether you have a license or not)
Binary options or contracts for differences (CFDs)
Penny auctions
Pyramid schemes and other (consciously or unconsciously) “get rich quick” schemes
Live organisms Any sort of live organisms offered in any way
Pseudomedicines You must have the required licenses to trade in regulated drugs or apothecary services.
Socially inappropriate behaviors Products/services used to provoke or support terrorism or political violence
Misleading marketing practices
Misleading, unjustifiable, or indecent products or services
Mind-altering substances
Equipment for growing cannabis or producing other illegal, mind-altering substances
Tobacco Cigarettes and cigars
Pipe tobacco containing nicotine
Weapons Selling weapons or related accessories
Encouraging the use of weapons in any way

Visa and Mastercard High Risk Programs

Under Visa and Mastercard’s High Risk programs, you will be subject to a 500 USD fee if you sell any of the high-risk products and services listed below. The fee is collected as an annual recurring payment.


Code Description
5122: Drugs, drug proprietaries, druggist sundries Sale of prescription-required drugs, cross-border card-absent transactions
5912: Drug stores, pharmacies Sale of prescription-required drugs, cross-border card-absent transactions
5962: Direct marketing Travel-related arrangement services
5966: Direct marketing Outbound telemarketing
5967: Direct marketing Inbound telemarketing
5993: Cigar stores and stands Sale of cigarettes in a card-absent environment
7273: Dating services Card absent transactions
7995: Betting Lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, and wagers at race tracks
4816: Computer network/information services Card-absent environment transactions
5816: Digital goods/games Card-absent environment transactions
6051: Non-financial institutions Card-absent environment transactions
n/a Merchants that fall under the Excessive Chargeback Program
n/a Sale of replicas and “inspired by” items


Code Description
5967, 7841 Non-face-to-face adult content and services
7801, 7802, 7995 Non-face-to-face gambling
5122, 5912 Non-face-to-face pharmaceuticals
5993 Non-face-to-face tobacco products
7994 Skill games
4816 High-risk cyberlocker
6211 High-risk securities
6051 Cryptocurrencies
5968 Negative option billing
n/a Merchants that fall under the Excessive Chargeback Program
n/a Sale of replicas and “inspired by” items

For more information, email [email protected]


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