Partner and primary accounts

Creating affiliate accounts

To create accounts for affiliates, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your partner/primary account.
  2. Go to the affiliate dashboard, and then click Affiliates.
  3. In the affiliate dashboard top-right corner, copy the Partnerlink and send it to your affiliates.

Onboarding and go live

All affiliates must be onboarded and sign an agreement with MultiSafepay, containing general terms and conditions.

You can …

Charging affiliates

You can charge affiliates at three levels:

  • Partner/primary level: Set fixed or percentage-based transaction charges for all affiliated merchant accounts.

  • Affiliate level: Set fixed or percentage-based transaction charges for a specific affiliated merchant account. This overrides the partner/primary-level settings.

  • Transaction level: Split incoming payments between multiple merchant or …

Onboarding affiliates via the API

This page is for MultiSafepay partner or primary account holders wanting to submit onboarding information for new affiliated merchants via our API.

The API also lets you create a customized onboarding process for new merchants depending on your business model, e.g. marketplaces, franchises, and crowdfunding platforms. This is particularly useful if you are onboarding multiple merchants.

Submitting …

Partner invoices

MultiSafepay sends you partner invoices for the previous month, including:

  • Invoice date: The date you receive the invoice and VAT for the previous month
  • Invoice period: The month of the commission payout
  • Payout fee: Payouts from your MultiSafepay balance to your business bank account cost 0,50 EUR each
  • Your monthly commission payout (excluding VAT)
  • VAT (21%): refunded to your balance

Partner …

Managing affiliate accounts

Once affiliates are onboarded, you can manage their accounts using your affiliate dashboard. The dashboard provides overview of affiliates':

  • Account ID
  • Name
  • Status
  • Registration data
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Business model
  • Actions
  • Screening status
  • Finances
  • Transactions
  • Settings
  • Reports
  • Tools

You can also process refunds or carry out technical integrations.

Accessing affiliated accounts

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Other languages

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