Onboarding process

Onboarding is the process of MultiSafepay checking and approving information submitted by merchants and partners applying for a live account.

To onboard with MultiSafepay and start processing real transactions, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a live account

Complete the live account sign up form.

2. Provide documents and information

You can upload all required documents and information in your MultiSafepay test account under Business details:

  • Company details:
    • Address
    • VAT number
    • Chamber of Commerce number
  • The URL of any websites you receive payments through
  • Information about the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of your company, including color scans of valid identity documents. We recommend using the KopieID app to hide personal information on passports or IDs.
  • A payment of 1 EUR from your business bank account. Alternatively, you can provide a copy or screenshot of a bank statement that includes your IBAN and company name.

We may ask you to provide additional documents, e.g. if you have an unusual company structure.

Note: The trade name of your business bank account must exactly match at least one of the trade names listed on your Chamber of Commerce extract.

Credit card payments

If you want to process credit card payments, you must provide your:

  • Minimum, average, and maximum order value
  • Annual turnover from credit card transactions

Note: Requests to process credit cards may be denied, e.g. if a product you sell is prohibited by the processing bank.

Prohibited products and services

Some products and services can’t be sold with MultiSafepay, or only if additional requirements are met. For a list, based on relevant legislation, risk factors, potential reputational damage, and payment gateway policies, see Prohibited products and services.

3. Display required information on your website

You must display the following information on your website:

  • Full legal company name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • General terms and conditions, including the right to withdrawal (14 days)
  • Privacy policy

Screening and approval

The Risk Team screens your information and performs know your customer checks.

If approved, your account goes live.

For questions about onboarding, email the Risk Team at [email protected]

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Other languages

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