Logos and icons

For MultiSafepay logos, see our Github repository – MultiSafepay logos.

For the logos and icons of all MultiSafepay payment methods, see our Github repository – MultiSafepay icons.

Generating logo PNGs

To generate a portable network graphic (PNG) of a payment method logo to display on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard.
  2. Go to Tools > Payment logo designer.
  3. Select a layout template.
  4. From the Select elements window, select the logos you want to include.
  5. Under Result logo, check the preview.
  6. Under Order icons, you can:
    • Drag and drop logos to change the order in which they display.
    • Remove logos by clicking Remove.
  7. When you are happy with the preview, to generate the PNG image, click Download.
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Other languages

For an explanation in another language, contact your account manager.