Conditions for selling alcohol

Dutch law states that alcohol cannot be sold to customers under the age of 18.

MultiSafepay has an obligation to ensure that you comply with relevant legislation and that your customers meet the requirements for purchasing alcohol.

For questions about these regulations and requirements, email the Risk Team at [email protected]

Selling alcohol

If you sell alcohol, you must:

  • State this clearly on your website.
  • Email a signed declaration about alcoholic beverages (once only) to the Risk Team at [email protected]

Selling spirits

If you sell spirits with an alcohol content of 15% or higher, you must hold a valid liquor license.

Email a copy of your license to the Risk Team at [email protected]

Verifying customer age

You must verify customers' age when selling or delivering orders that include alcohol. When orders are delivered, customers must show a valid identification document stating their date of birth, e.g.:

  • Passport
  • Dutch driving license
  • European or Dutch ID card


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Other languages

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